2017 South Shields Autumn Beach Festival

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2017 South Shields Autumn Beach Festival

As probably everyone knows we've been down at the first South Shields Autumn Beach Festival this past weekend with a load of Demo Boats and SUP Boards and it was sick...

On the Saturday we had really good surf at 4-6ft @8seconds, which was excellent for the Surf Competition... it wasn't really the best for the demos but still at one point we ran out of demos.

The Sunday was slightly better for the demos with 3-5ft surf @12seconds but was a bit of a beach break and didn't really do the Surf Competition finalists any good. Here is some of our coverage from the event.


Thanks to Nick from South Shields Surf for arranging this great event and inviting us and Congratulations to all the winners, especially Ladies 1st place who's won herself a nice GUL Response 3/2mm FL wetsuit... Get intouch Winny and we'll sort you out!


In the words of the shops tall person (Scott) "It was Gnarly Brah"




Sam Elliott, Company Director

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