1 Year Later...

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1 Year Later...

This Sunday (8th of October 2017) Shields Paddling Co. will have officially been open for 1 year! in that year we've came along way and hope to do even better this year...To celebrate, this Saturday we'll be throwing Sickline on the TV with free coffee and biscuits along side some sales everyone is more then welcome to pop in even just for a chat and a neb around... So lets take a look at our year then shall we?

The initial set up was honestly one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life, negotiating with brand/suppliers, setting up sites, promoting the shop & outfitting the shop all at the same time... It was the worst, but looking back I know I'd do it again.

From first getting a hold of the keys to now, it's been absolutely non stop! and in all honestly I'm actually looking forward to the quiet season just to have a break haha.

As alot of you know we were out at PADDLEexpo 2017 and we've been holding back a few secrets from you... We've got some sweet brands coming on board. After a quick chat with Aaron from Square Rock while on the Jackson booth, we've now got Jackson Kayaks Whitewater & Fishing range available, Sandiline & Ophion Paddles available and we've also been in talks with Kober & Moll paddles so in a short while we should hopefully be bringing some top quality German engineered paddles into the UK! Thanks again Mr Bain ;)


So after the year we've also got some pretty sick things in the pipeline, alot of them are still to be confirmed, however, everyones favourite Nepal paddling expert Darren Clarkson King is heading up our way to do a talk on "How I accidentally made a living from kayaking" Since 1995 Darren has been paddling around the world, since 2000 he concentrated his efforts in the Himalayas. From first descents, speed descents and writing books and manages a boutique adventure company Pure Land Expeditions and we're happy to say that in some time in January (offical date to be released soon) he'll be joining us after hours.

They will be a small donation required for entry but all donations will be going directly to Darrens Nepalese charity and if anyone is feeling extra generous they will be collection boxes at the talk, alongside free coffee, tea & biscuits and maybe even some Deals. We're really looking forward to this opportunity and we hope you are too, to build the hype here's a great video of Darren soloing the Sun Kosi...

So thanks again from everyone at Shields Paddling Co. heres to another year!




Sam Elliott, Company Director

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