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Titan Rival

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The newest creeker to hit the Titan line up.After years of planning the RIVAL is finally here. Fast, responsive, forgiving, everything you need in a creeker and more.


The Rival comes in at 8’10.5” just under the 9ft race limit, and utilizes a semi-flat mid-section hull that rounds out towards the nose and tail. Along the sides run Titans staggered rails which are 2 smaller rails that are staggered over a rounder more forgiving side wall. This lets us place a larger carving surface area over a more forgiving shape, making the Rival track like a beast in big water while also feeling stable and forgiving on edge.To step things up even further we then added additional secondary rails to the nose and tail areas. Like on our Genesis these secondary rails sit higher then your average rail and so are not always entirely engaged until you need them. The forward rails engage mostly when punching through holes, landing and accelerating out of drops, and pulling into tight eddies. The rear secondary rails also come into play big time when accelerating and directing yourself out of drops and when holding that vital rail in big boily water.


A bunch of friendly rocker keeps the nose high and out of the water while also making boofs effortless.

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