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Feelfree Nomad Sport Package

£ 468.90

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Standard Package Includes

  • Feelfree Nomad Sport
  • Wheel in Keel (Optional Extra) + £30.00
  • Feelfree Canvas Seats - RRP £39.95
  • Feelfree Day Tour Alloy Paddles - RRP £39.95

Deluxe Package Includes

  • Feelfree Nomad Sport
  • Wheel in Keel (Optional Extra) + £30.00
  • Feelfree Deluxe Seats - RRP £59.95
  • Feelfree Day Tour Glass Paddles - £59.95

Feelfree Nomad Sport


The Feelfree Nomad is a great kayak suitable for the whole family, designed as a very stable, all round sit-on-top kayak. Providing days of fun on lakes, canals, gently moving rivers, sheltered coastal areas and in small surf. Nomad paddlers can also use the boat as a fishing platform to fish areas that just aren't accessible from the bank or shore. Constructed using top grade Medium Density Polyethylene and manufactured to a high level, the Nomad is a robust, durable boat that with correct use and storage will last for many years to come.


The Nomad has lots of features to enhance its appeal, including side carry handles, a large cargo well in the rear, an easily accessible centre hatch and special flattened flush areas for easily fitting fishing rod holders if required.


Due to its hull shape, the Nomad paddles really nicely- tracking in a straight line well, but still being short enough for manoeuvring around rocky bays or exploring the local river. The Nomad has extra leg room for paddlers with longer legs, and can be paddled by adults or children alike.


For more straight line tracking ability we recommend a removable skeg be fitted. If you wish to paddle comfortably for more than 30mins then we would highly recommend a seat be fitted for back support and to make the boat easier to paddle. For paddlers wishing to take their Nomad over longer distances, on the surf or moving water then a pair of thigh straps which provide much more control as the paddler has more contact with the boat. It has also been proved that a Nomad can be eskimo rolled using thigh straps- something for us all to aspire to!


Nomad Sport with wheel:

The Nomad Sport is also available with the 'Wheel In The Keel' that makes getting this sit on kayak to and from the water a breeze. The wheel in the keel is designed for use on hard surfaces. It makes moving the Nomad Sport on slipways and from the garage to the driveway easier. The wheel is not designed for use on rough ground or sand, you will have to carry the kayak or use a trolley. In order to prolong the life of the wheel's axle you will need to occasionally wash off dirt and salt water.

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