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Feelfree Gemini Sport

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Feelfree Gemini Sport


The Feel Free Gemini Sport is a super stable and easy to paddle double sit-on-top kayak. It is also possible to paddle the Gemini solo and thanks to the position of the footrests, it is more practical to paddle solo from the centre seat than with many other doubles on the market. The Gemini, also has slightly higher sides to the boat, providing a drier ride when compared o other double sit on tops.


The Gemini has two easily- accessible hatches and rear storage with bungee's. The modern hull design makes it very stable and enables it to track well in a straight line, making it perfect for people of all paddling abilities.


The Gemini Sport comes with a 'Wheel In The Keel' that makes getting this sit on kayak to and from the water a breeze. The wheel in the keel is designed for use on hard surfaces. It makes moving the Gemini Sport on slipways and from the garage to the driveway easier. The wheel isn’t designed for use on rough ground or sand, you will have to carry the kayak or use a trolley instead. In order to prolong the life of the wheel's axle you will need to occasionally wash off dirt and salt water.


If you want to use the Gemini Sport for fishing, there are two purpose-made sections on the rear deck for fitting fishing rod holders. Another superb feature is the optional directional skeg - ideal for those paddler who are "directionally challenged". Take it off if paddling solo or you will struggle to turn the kayak!

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