Canoe & Kayaks

A wide range of boats to suit everyone from fisherman, whitewater kayakers and a canoeing family.

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  • Sit On Top Kayaks

    Sit-on-top kayaks have similar hull shapes to their traditional counterparts but instead of sitting inside the kayak, you sit on a molded-in depression on top.

  • Canoes

    For all your single bladed needs.

  • Whitewater Kayaks

    For all your whitewater needs.

  • Sea & Touring Kayaks

    Boats designed to keep you happy and comfortable on multi-day sea trips or inland touring day trips!

  • Fishing Kayaks

    Whether you're fishing in a lake or out at sea, we've got you covered!

  • Inflatable Kayaks

    Great for getting the family into the wonderful world of paddlesports!

  • Parts & Accessories

    Need a replacement part? We'll have it covered!